Case Study

Buying an Israel Property Case Study
When purchasing a property in Israel, Blue Crown FX will provide a better foreign exchange rate than your bank.
We can also offer you products to reduce the impact of adverse foreign exchange rate movements.

Immediate (Spot) Transaction 

Mr. Cohen intends making Aliyah from the USA and bought a house in Modiin that cost 2,000,000 on the 25th October 2010. He needed to make an immediate transaction (know as a "spot" transaction) to purchase the property. He initially sourced an exchange rate from his bank and then compared it to an exchange rate he obtained from Blue Crown FX.
Retail Bank
Blue Crown FX
Exchange Rate
Receiving Fee
Total Cost
Total Savings


Blue Crown FX - Case Study
We couldn’t believe the difference in rates between what our bank offered and what the Blue Crown FX team provided - What savings!! I highly...
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