Foreign Exchange Risk Management

We offer a number of services to help you manage your foreign exchange risk by protecting you from adverse rate movements and enabling you to benefit from favorable rate movements.
Forward Contract
Blue Crown FX offers 'forward contracts' which enable you to fix the value of your funds up to a year before you need to send the money and thus allows you to avoid currency fluctuations. Forward contracts can be used to 'hedge' your exposure.
All that is required is a deposit of 10%. The balance is only required on the delivery date of the contract and can remain in your bank account earning interest.
Forward contracts are widely used by property buyers as transactions often take weeks to conclude, leaving buyers exposed to a volatile currency market. They are also useful for stage payments on new builds and are a vital risk management tool for large corporations.
Stop Loss Order
Protect yourself against a sudden adverse movement in the exchange rate using a stop loss. This type of foreign exchange has become more popular – simply specify the minimum rate you need to achieve and the stop loss will automatically ensure that your currency is purchased if the exchange rate falls unexpectedly. This allows you to hold out for a better exchange rate while protecting yourself against a sudden fall in the market.
Limit Order
Take advantage of sudden favorable movements in the exchange rate using a limit order. Determine the exchange rate you are hoping to achieve and your currency will automatically be purchased if the market reaches your desired level.

Please contact us for more information and to receive a quote for the strategy that best suits your needs.

Blue Crown FX - Foreign Exchange Risk Management
I would like to thank the Blue Crown team for their ongoing efficient service. Moving money to Israel on a regular basis has been an absolute pleasure...
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