Exporting / receiving foreign currency?

Exporting / Receiving Foreign Currency
If you are receiving funds from sales in other currencies you will have to convert the sale proceeds back to shekel (or your domestic currency). Blue Crown FX will undertake this conversion for you at the best available exchange rates and make the payment to your Israeli bank account.
Why use Blue Crown FX for Foreign Exchange?
We will guarantee to give you:
  • Unbeatable exchange rates for your currency transfer.
  • An exceptional level of service.
  • Fast, efficient payments.
Blue Crown FX is a leading foreign exchange and international payments provider. Our service is fast, friendly and commission-free. We can transact with companies from any country and transfer funds between virtually all currencies by priority same-day SWIFT transfer.
Many banks will simply not let you fix a rate until the foreign currency has arrived so you have no control over the exchange rate you receive. Blue Crown FX will always let you fix the rate in advance. We also offer "Forward Contracts" which enable you to fix the shekel revenue of your overseas sales up to a year before they are received and thus avoid currency fluctuations.
Please contact our currency exchange team on 1700-700-312
(or +972 8 9700479 from outside the Israel) to discuss your requirements.


Blue Crown FX - Exporting / receiving foreign currency?
We couldn’t believe the difference in rates between what our bank offered and what the Blue Crown FX team provided - What savings!! I highly...
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