How do I save money? 
We guarantee to quote you a better exchange rate than you get from your bank. You can save up to 3% of the amount being transferred.
For example, a client transferring $100,000 into Israeli Shekels, was recently quoted 3.6 by their bank and would therefore receive 360,000 Nis (excluding bank fees). We quoted 3.64 and paid the client 364,000 Nis (including all bank fees).
We at Blue Crown FX are able to get you superior rates because we work with the currency dealing rooms and not the branches and are therefore able to pass these savings on to the client.
Do you charge commissions? 
No, we never charge commissions and there are no other hidden fees or account charges apart from payment charges for smaller transactions. ($30 or equivalent for transfers under $10,000) 

How safe is it to use Blue Crown FX? 
Security is always of the highest importance when transferring large sums of money. Your money is completely safe with Blue Crown FX. Blue Crown FX Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Ministry of Finance and The State of Israel Capital Market Authority as an Authorized Foreign Exchange Service Provider. Registration No: 514290303. 
Click here to view our registration license. 
As a Money Services Business we follow a strict code which incorporates all the requirements of the 2000 anti-Money Laundering Regulations and other legislation. We maintain strict security, documentation and auditing processes. 
How long does a transfer take? 
Transferring and converting money with Blue Crown FX is a very quick and simple process. Once the account is opened and the funds have been received the money is instantly converted according to the clients instructions. The money is then credited to the client and reflects within the clients account within 1 business day. 
Please Contact Us if there is anything else you would like us to explain.

Blue Crown FX - FAQ
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