Why use Blue Crown FX?

Best Foreign Exchange Rates for International Transfers
Why use Blue Crown FX for foreign exchange?
We will guarantee to give you:
  • Unbeatable exchange rates for your currency transfer.
  • An exceptional level of service.
  • The fastest available international payments.
Blue Crown FX is a leading foreign exchange and international payments provider in Israel. Our service is fast, friendly and commission-free. We can transact with clients from any country and transfer funds between virtually all currencies by priority same-day SWIFT transfer. For example, we can help you convert shekels into euros, or dollars into pounds.
Please contact our currency exchange team on 1700-700-312
(or +972 8 9700479 from outside the Israel) to discuss your requirements.

Blue Crown FX - Why use Blue Crown FX?
We couldn’t believe the difference in rates between what our bank offered and what the Blue Crown FX team provided - What savings!! I highly...
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